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Reasons Why Volleyball Girls Are More Susceptible to ACL Injury | Rockwall Club and League Volleyball | Incredible Crush Volleyball

“By understanding the mechanism of injury in sport, we can design intervention program to reduce the risk of injury.” Mary Lloyd Ireland, MD Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury in Female Athletes: Epidemiology

The ACL plays a precarious part in every volleyball player’s life. The sudden quick stops and steering movements which are common in a volleyball player is what makes ACL injury prevention very important. As one player has to move fast lunging towards the net, the sudden pulling and tugging happening to this intra-articular ligament puts the risk of tearing very high. It is significant however to note that the chances of ACL injury in girls are much greater than boys.

According to Dr. Steve Horwitz, DC, a Sports, Health, Wellness, and Performance Consultant – female  high school athletes had a nine fold increase injury risk and five fold in collegiate sports and those that competed at a higher level of play had a five times higher risk than their male counterpart. These are high statistics and it is time for an intervention, or at least prevention to lower the risks of this injury.

There are a number of reasons why ACL injuries happen, but it is manageable. Dr. Howitz gave these reasons and that includes:

  1. Inherent – hormonal influences and lack of testosterone, which enables men to be stronger, faster, and quicker which is not inherent in women.
  2. Age – men are more likely to start earlier in strength and conditioning to prepare them for high-demanding sport which explains the testosterone as opposed to women who are more inclined to stay home.
  3. Combined – skills acquisition and neuromuscular activation patterns and trainings

An ACL study, which was published in the Journal of Athletic Training said that in an improved neuromuscular training, 1,263 trained and untrained women, the ACL injury rate was 3.7 times higher in untrained female athletes and 4.6 higher than trained males which substantiate the second reason for why volleyball girls are more susceptible to ACL injuries.

Nevertheless, these facts can be improved and Dr. Howitz suggest that biomechanics, ACL prevention program compliance, preparation and playing style, skills acquired from a young age should be taken into consideration when enrolling your kids to a volleyball club.

Teaching proper landing techniques, including keeping knees bent, and body position are top most priorities in Incredible Crush Volleyball Club as was evident in our weekly clinics. We specialize in this area because we believe that the risks are really high and we cannot compromise your child’s safety.

Volleyball girls and coaches know that there are programs and clinics that they have to follow to improve their landing and movement skills and we believe that we have the best team of coaches and trained staff to cover ACL injury prevention. As our tagline says:

|Helping girls grow their skills and love for the game. Focused on volleyball and injury prevention.|

Well, what do you say, we live up to these words and we strive hard to stay true to them.